Wednesday, 31 October 2012

FASHION | Halloween Haute Couture - Part Two

My final halloween post for 2012 (promise!) is dedicated to Rachel Freire and her Nippleocalypse collection of SS12.
Freire’s distinctive designs include a structured bodice dress made from 3000 cow and yak nipples amongst further cage-like gowns and headpieces. They were revealed at London Fashion Week and also displayed at Paris Fashion Week although too heavy to grace the runway. 

Although the idea creates an initially grusome shudder, kudos is owed to this artist for creating such elegant and feminine pieces from the debris of a slaughterhouse floor. The lilac hue and floral structure are striking and it’s only on close inspection that the teats are identifiable.
Dabbling in fashion since 2009, the Liverpudlian CSM graduate is a self confessed ‘artist in wolf’s clothing’ as opposed to fashion designer and this collection certainly channels strong underlying messages.

They have been dubbed by animal rights groups as 'grotesque' but I think these powerful pieces couldn’t be further from it.

“Most of our lives these days is a fantasy world, hiding from one reality or another. So why not dress for the party?” 
– Rachel Freire

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

FASHION | Halloween Haute Couture - Part One

Halloween ignites inspiration from the dark side and the end product can be something spine chilling but magical.

The Apex Predator Shoes and Apex Predator Suit are the creations of British fine art duo Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young.

At a glance, the perfectly polished size 15 shoes are nothing out of the norm yet peer into their soul, and at their soles, to reveal an eerie enamel platform of 1050 teeth.


They are the perfect accompaniment to Fantich and Young’s Apex Predator Suit made out of human hair with further denture detailing and glass eye buttons. 

Inspired by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, the artistic apparel is not for sale but the creators are looking to fashion a consumer friendly version of the footwear set to chew up pavements for around £1500.